Role Play

Your mother tells me you’ve been misbehaving AGAIN!

You had better steel yourself for my visit, you are in for it boy.

Your mucky face, your dirty habits and your backchat will not be tolerated and I will make you see the error of your ways.

Firstly, let’s scrub that mouth out with a bar of carbolic soap. How dare you think you can use inappropriate language in front of your elders.

That’s better, stand up straight and look at me when I’m talking to you

You pathetic little boy, a good slap round the face to burn and redden your cheeks at first, your nonsense has made me extremely cross. You will learn respect.

Now get over my knee you are in for a good spanking! My hand comes down hard on your smooth little bottom and you wince and tears well up in your eyes.  You should have listened to your mother.

It’s the cane for you to remind you who is in charge. Bend over my boy, 10 strokes.