Foot, Shoe and Stocking Worship

Do you like to lick and and suck the bare female foot? The red painted toenails? The delicate arch of the sole?

Or have all toes shoved in your mouth and pushed in your face?

After being on my feet all day you can inhale the aroma of them, feel the heat and sweat upon them. I love a good foot massage working your way gently from the soles to around the ankles, up my heavenly leg giving your full attention like it is your only focus on earth.

Does the idea of a stilettoed heel or a sheer lace top stocking stir your desire?

My shoes are dirty, I have dirt on the soles and dirt on the heels, it may be from every day user or I may have dirtied them with a little something extra… I expect to be made spotless and shining using your lips and tongue to slowly and sensually lick taking the greatest of care.

Being at My heel and worshipping my beautiful feet or my sexy heels will put you in the zone!