Corporal Punishment

Have you been a naughty boy? Caught smoking? Being rude? Doing something you shouldn’t?

Well you need to be punished…

Domina Tamzin will gladly be the one to put you firmly back in your place!

Maybe I will give you a belittling face slapping making your cheeks sting and burn as I chastise you, getting you to apologise and grovel for my forgiveness.

Or even a bit of wall time with your hands behind your head for as long as I see fit. Giving you the time to reflect on your poor behaviour while your anxiety is building over what is coming next!

If I feel you need a good spanking I will put you over my knee and make your bottom sore with the palm of my gracious, strict hand, or perhaps a slipper until your cheeks are hot and glowing red.

Then there is the cane, which I enjoy immensely. Feel each stroke as it strikes your bare flesh and makes you whimper – How hard can you take it?

You will thank me for each stroke as I push your pain threshold to it’s limit!